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MarcelinexBubblegum page. Sometimes, it's NSFW. So beware. I don't post anything but adventure time, and 99% of the time, it'll be bubbline. Promise.
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Hipster kids /hit

Hipster Bubbline!!♥♥♥

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We should do this again sometime. Just the two of us.
Bonnie after her freaking date that included VINTAGE MILK. (via thebubblineblog)

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So here’s my feel-y drawing of Marceline from Adventure Time. Lately I’ve been sharing the same “feels” as her so, her music speaks to me haha.

These are the lyrics to her “Journal Song” which was featured in the episode “Marceline’s Closet”. Here’s some garbled mess for your ears if ya wanna listen

If you guys can find/read the Bubbline stuff I put in here you’re officially cool.

Anywho enjoy!

edit:   I realized that it’s totally impossible to find my hidden message so here, on her bracelet it says “I fucked a princess”. The cloud shaped heart and gum wad under her shoe have a little play in this as well. ;O

everyone’s cool now woot

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Waiting for someone to have a crush on me


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Finished this up in time for AnimeNext! Come see me and Arielle in the Artist Alley at Table #33!!!~*・°☆ Bring food!


Quick drawing. I just love how their color combinations work with each other.